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Welcome to our downloads section, you may notice there is not very much to download, but we are working on several projects that should be complete by February 2018. We started as a small business and we know every time you need one of your systems to do something that should normally do, but it doesn’t. It normally means you have to spend hours searching for plugins to do the job or spend lots of time customize your software at your own time and expense.

So as a way of giving back to the digital community we offer all our plugins for free. Yes free. We want to help small to large business owners grow their business with a bit more ease using our useful plugins.

On the way plugin wise is, Suitecrm Dynamic Fields v 2.0. WordPress Hide Notifications v 2.0. An interactive WordPress manual that’s searchable and the most in depth WordPress user manual online. Wp LiveHelper Chat v 2.0. We have a big project in the works that is a module for Suitecrm that allows users to create very detailed proposals with template from hundreds of service.

If you have an idea for a plugin just drop us a message and lets see can we help you. Also if there are any bugs you notice in the new software or just want extra features again please let us know.

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