istream radio is an online radio portal, that gives users the ability to access thousands of radio stations from around the world. At istreamradio.ie you can enjoy listing to news, sports, talk and every type of music you can think of.

istream radio offers broadcasters a platform to live stream their stations and gives access to their station statistics. istream radio is free to listen to and free to add your station to.

About istreamradio.ie

We are the largest radio portal in Ireland and for good reason. No matter where you are on the Emerald Isle or around the world, we have all your favorite stations in one place so you can easily find them. Plus, we are not just about Irish stations, but the many thousands of radio stations from around the world that broadcast the music, talk, and entertainment that you love.

Who Are istream radio

At istream radio, we are here to offer you what you want so you can listen and keep track of what’s playing on your favorite station. You can sign up and create an account all for free and get push messages from your favorite station or show so you can keep up with all the latest information and schedules. Plus, you can keep a list of the shows and stations you love and comment on them direction to the station page. With our platform, you can let your favorite know what you think and respond to their requests. In addition, broadcasters can sign up to our services and add their station to our list for no charge. You will have access to your own broadcaster login panel which is packed full of important information, such as detailed analytics so you know who is listening and how many are following your station on our platform. You can set your profile image and banner to attract more attention and garner an even larger audience.

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"Radio has never been
easier to access"

Niall Boylan

The Story of Radio

Radio is still the most popular way for people to listen to music even with the advent of the internet and digital download formats. While the technology has changed over the decades, the concept has remained basically the same. Radio brings the music you love in a format that is exciting, intimate, and personal in a way that cannot be duplicated by video.

It was Guglielmo Marconi who invented the radio as we know it today, managing the first over the air transmission in 1901. While it’s use as a long-range communication device for ships and eventually aircraft was immediately recognized, the commercial possibilities of everyday people having their own radio receivers was not immediately apparent.

By the 1920s, advances in radio technology that allowed for smaller, less expensive receivers to be created opened a new method of communication for people eager to hear the news as it happened. By the turn of the 1930s, radios were being sold by the millions around the world despite the effects of the Great Depression. People gathered around radios in homes and public locations and listened to breaking news, something that newspapers could only report about hours or even days later.

However, it was music that made radio what it is today, bringing us the songs and tunes that build you up when you are feeling down, that move your feet, makes you laugh, and brings joy to your heart. At istreamradio.ie, we recapture the glory days of radio by modernizing it for the 21st century. As radio has grown in relevance and importance since its invention more than a century ago, we strive to bring it into your home, vehicle, or on your mobile device so you can listen to your favourite songs. That’s why at istreamradio.ie, we bring you the best from around the world and hear music and enjoy entertainment that was not possible only a few years ago.

Since the popularization of radio back in the 1930s, untold millions of people have listened to their favourite songs on the radio. Because music transcends language, it has managed to unite people around the world both through good times and bad. We appreciate the power of radio and how it pulls people together from all parts of the globe. We appreciate what radio has offered all of us over the years and at istreamradio.ie, we will do our best to continue that remarkable tradition

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