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The Niall Boylan Show Business Cards

Sleek design with a twist of hard hitting

A Bit About Niall Boylan

Niall can be described as fearless, controversial, insightful, compassionate and even funny! But be warned, he may cause your blood to boil. Niall Boylan@Night is the new home of late night talk for Ireland. Every weekday Niall provides Classic Hits 4FM listeners with breakthrough stories from real people with real lives. It’s a show without boundaries and Niall is never afraid to deal with topics that other shows simply refuse to talk about.

The Niall Boylan Show is a multi award winning talk show which broadcasts daily from 1pm and the conversation continues at 9pm on Classic Hits 4FM

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Our approach and design

Because of the nature of The Niall Boylan Show coming up with a concept was difficult. We had to try and balance between the hard hitting sections of the show and the funny bits from the night time show.

So what we decided would be to use all bold uppercase lettering and box the font with a solid border.

We Needed it to be sleek professional and edgy, we achieved the sleek with the shaded layered black background with simple white fonts and just one letter in a gold color.

The edgy part was a bit more difficult. So we decided to model the card off the parental warnings you see on the back of dvd’s.

So we ended up with a dark sleek, professional and edgy business card that Niall was delighted with.


    The Niall Boylan Show

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    June 2017


    Business Card and logo design

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