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The Niall Boylan Halloween Special 2016

A first of its kind a live haunted spooktacular event that was broadcasted via radio on Classic Hits 4FM and also video streamed the whole event to YouTube and Facebook

The Night in Question

Niall quite bravely sent four of his production team to an old derelict graveyard somewhere in Dublin.  The location was kept a big secret which added an extra chill to the already spooky dark location. While the producers where out in the middle of no where,  Niall was back in the warm studio with other members on his team and a well know psychic Deborah R, they all held hands an said spooky chant to open up the spiritual channels to try and connect with the dead. The psychic “Deborah R” had brought a book of spells and a Ouija board, to which they put to good use. Between the Ouija board spelling out kill and die and the lights in the studio going on and off, there was something supernatural going on.

Live callers where brought on air to talk to Deborah and ask her questions in relation to their past and future. Deborah then broke out the Ouija board to which they contacted a dark character called Stanley. Stanley had some strange and frighting message for the team.

The live event was witnessed on FaceBook and YouTube by over 30,000 people.

This was a joint venture between Classic Hits 4fm, The Niall Boylan Show and their entire awesome team. But then of course there we where involved as well.

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What We Did

Our job on this adventure was, live broadcast set up, live studio editing, Video Management,  Live broadcast to Facebook and YouTube, Video production, sound management and  video production coordination.

It was a bit of a tech nightmare, with all cameras pointing back to privet but separate YouTube channel streams. All videos would be imported to our live stream and we could cut from camera to camera and use split screens, with Niall in the studio and the producers in the graveyard on a single screen.

There was  big delay time from camera to camera. So on the fly we delayed the live stream by one minute, this gave us the time to sync all incoming cameras. We the released the main stream with all video in sync including the main vocals coming direct from the studio.

It was great to work with the guys, it was challenging, but we enjoyed the whole experience.


    Classic Hits 4FM


    The Niall Boylan Show

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    October 31, 2016


    Video Production

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